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When & Where Questions
  • What are the season dates?

Indoor runs from October – March. 1st Session is mid-Oct to Dec, 2nd session is Dec to Feb with a 2 week break for Christmas and 3rd session is Feb to Mar.
Outdoor has both a fall season (mid Aug-Oct) and a spring season (late Mar-May). 

  • When & where is practice?

Indoor practices are held at the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena (DISA), 14914 101st Ave, Dyer, Indiana.
Outdoor practices are held just outside Cedar Lake 
Ministries RV Park, 8816 W 137th Ave, Cedar Lake, Indiana. 

  • When & where are games?

Indoor games are all held at the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena (DISA), 14914 101st Ave, Dyer, Indiana.
Outdoor home games are held just outside Cedar Lake 
Ministries RV Park, 8816 W 137th Ave in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Rec games are close to home. Travel Away games vary in distance, the furthest may be in Granger. There are approximately 7-8 games (4 away & 4 home) plus a tournament weekend where a team will play 3-4 games. 

  • When & where is picture day?

Outdoor picture day is held in the spring during a regular practice at Cedar Lake Ministries RV Park, 8816 W 137th Ave in Cedar Lake, Indiana. 

Registration Questions
  • How much does it cost?

IFC offers top-notch coaching and a competitive match schedule for the most affordable price possible. We offer a variety of registration options providing discount pricing when you register for multiple sessions. In addition, we will work with you if you need to spread the cost over several months. See the Fee Schedule on our website for the most current explanation of costs and savings options. 

  • How do I register?

There are no tryouts for the 3 Indoor sessions, this registration link is posted on our registration page. To register for Outdoor, you will first need to tryout then be accepted before you will can register. 

  • What is the deadline to register?

Registration deadlines vary by session and outdoor sessions require tryouts. See registration page for exact dates.

  • Do I need to register for each indoor session?

No, if you know you’ll be doing more than one season, please choose the registration option that reflects your intent. There are discounts if you register for multiple sessions at once.

  • How do I pay?

Payment is made online through a secure registration form. Online payment preferred. Cash or checks accepted only by exception.

  • Are there discounts available?

Yes! Save money by signing up and pre-paying for multiple indoor sessions. Want more soccer? Join a second team during the same indoor session and save even more! There’s even a discount for players who play on both outdoor and indoor IFC teams. Plus there are member “benefits” such as discounts on DISA open gym. 

  • Can I join in the middle of a session/season?

Depending on team make-up, players may be added mid-season. Please email us if you missed the registration deadline.

  • Do I need an account at gotsoccer.com?

IFC uses GotSoccer to create secure, streamlined online registration for both Indoor and Outdoor sessions. IFC is part of the Indiana Soccer League which requires that all players have an account on GotSoccer.com. You’re welcome to download the GotSoccer app to see outdoor schedules, field locations and maps. Follow instructions here to download the app. If you have questions about gotsoccer, please contact president@illianafutbolclub.org.

Uniform Questions
  • Where do I get an IFC jersey or uniform?

Indoor jerseys may be purchased at the DISA concession stand. Your IFC email should tell you what color jersey will be needed. IFC jerseys are typically orange or grey.
Outdoor uniforms must be purchased online when registering for outdoor. The kit include both a home and away top and bottom, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pennies and a travel bag. All outdoor uniforms include the player number. Sizing info can be found here. If you didn’t order a uniform during the registration process and now need one, please contact teamcoord@illianafutbolclub.org.

  • Besides the jersey, are there any other uniform requirements for indoor?

Shin guards are required and indoor soccer shoes are highly recommended. 

  • What color uniform will my team wear?

Check the email from IFC for what color jersey/uniform will be needed. It’s recommended that players bring both uniforms to each match in case the opposing team has a matching color.

  • What size ball is needed?

6U and 8U use a size 3 ball. 10U and 12U use size 4. 14U and up use size 5.

League/Team Questions
  • How many sessions of indoor are there?

IFC participates in 3 sessions (though DISA offers a session 4 in April/May). The 1st session runs mid-October to early December. 2nd session runs December to February with a 2 week break for Christmas. 3rd session runs February and March. 

  • How long is each indoor session?

Each indoor session lasts 6-8 weeks though not always consecutive because of holidays/breaks.

  • What are the “brackets” (ie: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, etc…) and are players assigned based on their age?

The brackets are based on player ages (ie: 6U is for players age 6 and below, 8U is for players age 7 and 8, etc…) At times, players can play outside their bracket based their skill level and the team needs. Decisions for players to play outside their age bracket are made by the IFC coaching staff.

  • What are the “divisions” within a bracket (ie: A division vs B division)?

Typically, the “A” division is for higher level players in the same age bracket. Not all brackets have more than one division.

  • Will players be asked to play on another team?

It is not uncommon especially in indoor, for players to play on other teams including non-IFC teams. If another team is short players or needs assistance, sometimes IFC coaches will ask a player to join that team for the game.
In outdoor, players must be born in the correct birth year to play for that team. They can be younger and play up but if the team they’re asked to play for uses a different format (ie: 7 vs 7 instead of 4 v 4), the player must be “club passed” by the ISL Director and the IFC Club Director. This requires a signed form by the parent to ensure they understand the risks.

  • When are girls allowed to play on IFC “boy” teams?

With parental request and IFC approval, some girls are allowed to play on boys teams. Boys are not allowed to play on girls teams.

  • What league does the outdoor IFC team belong to?

IFC outdoor is part of the Indiana Soccer League for our travel teams and Dyer Soccer League for our rec teams.

  • What are “players in training”?

Players-in-training are players who practice with the team but do not participate in all the games. The goal of all PITs is to get them into competitive play as soon as possible.

  • Why aren’t there more teams?

Teams are determined based on registrations. If there aren’t enough players to support a team, IFC will either redirect to another age level or encourage the player to join another club until such team can be formed.

Coaching / Training Questions
  • Who coaches my team?

IFC has a staff of coaches and assistant coaches that love soccer and are eager to help your son or daughter develop their skills in soccer as well as develop strong, godly character. All coaching staff has completed background checks. Depending on practice/game times and coach availability, IFC coaches may assist teams that they do not regularly coach. 

  • What should players bring to practice?

Players should bring a ball, shin guards and the appropriate soccer shoe (shoes for indoor turf or soccer cleats for outdoor). Be careful not to purchase football cleats for outdoor soccer as they’re similar but not the same!

  • Why are there a lot more players at practice than on game day?

IFC combines teams for practices to share coaching and allow scrimmages.

  • Is Goal Keeper training separate?

Yes though it often occurs during regular practice hours. Players who have an interest should discuss with the coach.

Rules and Regulations
  • How long are games?

Indoor games last 38 minutes without break. Outdoor games depend on the age group: 6U play 4×10 minute periods, 8U play 3×15 minute periods, 10U play 2×25 minute halves, 12U play 2×30 minute halves and 12U play 2×35 minute halves.

  • How many players are allowed on the pitch at a time?

Indoor games: 6U & 8U – 11 players, 10U & 12U– 9 players, 14U & Up – 7 players
Outdoor games: 6U/8U- 4 players, 9U/10U – 7 players, 11U/12U– 9 players, 13U/14U – 11 players

  • Where do I find soccer rules?

Official USSF rules can be found here. To view ISL specific details, scroll down to “Important Documents” on their website.

  • When is a player allowed to “head” the ball?

14U and above can “head” the ball. Heading is not allowed for players younger than 14U due to increased risk of injury.

  • What is a “yellow card” or a “red card”?

Referees can give players a “yellow” card as a warning for indiscipline or unsportsmanlike conduct (ie: arguing, wasting time, sliding on the turf, etc…). If a player receives 2 yellow cards or commits a more serious/dangerous offense (ie: tackling or fighting), he/she may receive a “red card”. Players who receive a “red card” must leave the field and are not allowed to play for the remainder of the game.

Tournament Questions
  • Are there tournaments available?

Indoor: In the past, we’ve co-hosted an indoor soccer tournament at DISA in December for HS & Coed teams. 
Outdoor: IFC tries to participate in one tournament per season. Information for tournaments will be emailed directly to player families. Historically tournaments we’ve participated in include Indianapolis in late September and another (location TBD) in late May.

  • How do I sign up for tournaments?

Indoor & Outdoor tournament registration will be handled by IFC staff.

  • How much are tournaments?

Outdoor tournament costs are covered by the outdoor registration fee. However families will be responsible for travel, meal and lodging expenses associated with out of town tournaments. 

Other Questions
  • When is DISA’s “open gym” and who can play?

DISA currently hosts Open Gym on Monday evenings. See DISA’s website for more info.

  • What is expected of parents on the bleachers and sidelines?

The job of the parents and sideline supporters is to encourage and build up our players. It is the role of the IFC coaches to coach and correct players and the role of the referees to make the calls according to the rules. Thanks for letting the coaches and referees make this the best possible playing experience! Fans who regularly and disrespectfully step out of bounds may be asked to leave.

  • Is IFC on Facebook?

Yes. Find us on Facebook by searching for ‘Illiana Futbol Club‘. Parents of players are encouraged to like and recommend this group. Got a great photo for the page? Share it with us!

  • Will my child’s picture be posted on social media or the website?

Occasionally we will use pictures of our players for promotional purposes. As such, IFC families are asked to give consent at the time of registrationIf you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

  • When did IFC become a club?

Since its incorporation in 2013 as a 501c3 Christian community soccer club, IFC has run a strong indoor soccer program at Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena. In the fall of 2017 it successfully launched an Outdoor Travel Soccer Program with two solid teams:  a 2005 (13U) and a 2008 (10U) in the Indiana Soccer League (ISL)

  • How can I support the team or become a team sponsor?

IFC would love to have your help and support in making the club the best it can be. Let us know what your gifts / talents are and we’ll let you know how you can help. Email us to get involved today!