Club Fees








Package prices above reflect discounted pricing for early registration. Any sessions purchased at the beginning of the session will be charged at the full price.

Uniform Kit includes home & away set of 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks plus 2 training pinnies and player bag.
Players are required to have a uniform that fits them, not more than 3 years old.


Pay fees online during the registration process. 
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Refund available due to player injury:
– If player is injured BEFORE the session starts, the amount refunded will be based on individual session pricing less any multi-session discounts.
– If injury occurs DURING a session, no refund will be issued for that session. If player paid for future sessions, a refund will be issued for those less any multi-session discounts.
No refunds issued for Outdoor Uniform Kits or mid-season drop outs.