Training Videos

The IFC coaching team has gathered the following videos for players to use to help facilitate home practice times. We encourage all players to practice drills daily. This daily practice will strengthen the IFC teams for Spring Outdoor matches. Our goal is to add additional videos, so please check back again!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your coach.

Players should complete 15 sets of toe taps daily.

As this blog points out jumping rope is one of the best exercises out there and many of you have heard Coach Steve advocate that all our players learn to jump rope.  Well this is a great chance for ALL our players to learn to jump rope in the garage, basement, porch, in the sunshine of the driveway.

This web page demonstrates 6 exercises five of which we commonly use but the sixth one, pull-ups, is excellent as well and should be done daily by our players.

FEET FOOTWORK VIDEO* Part 1 and Part 2
These videos provide different variations on how to move the ball with both feet and controlling it. Make sure to play close attention to the movement of the ball and the use of the feet.

If a friend is over you can practice these drills with them our you can do so in your basement.


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