GotSoccer App

Indiana Soccer League uses GotSoccer for registering teams and players. As such, IFC has input all current outdoor players into GotSoccer. You can log into to review / update your personal information. Note: If you don’t know your user name and/or password, just click “Player Account Lookup” and enter the email you provided when registering with IFC.

There’s also a couple great mobile apps as well. The GotSoccer Team app is what we recommend for families with more than one outdoor player. If you only have one outdoor player in your family, feel free to download the GotSoccer Player app. See tips below.

How to download the GotSoccer TEAM App:

  • Search your mobile App store for the “GotSoccer Team” app.
  • Choose “Create an account”.
  • You will asked to enter your phone # (even though you haven’t been invited by a team)
  • Next create your user name and enter your email address.
  • Once your account is created, click the “Team” tab (bottom right) & choose “Add a Team”
  • Choose “I’d like to search for my team” then choose “Search by team information”
  • Under “Team Name”, type Illiana then choose Gender = Boy and then the Age Group you want to view then click “Find Teams”
  • Under Results, click on the team you want to follow and select “Follow Team”
  • Note: You can follow as many IFC teams as you’d like in this app.

*****WARNING ON TEAM APP****** If you click the “sync” option under Calendar and add the game schedule to your calendar, games in EST may not show up in EST but in CST. The sync feature is great but it may not adjust for timezone. It depends on your phone settings.

How to download the GotSoccer PLAYER App:

  • Search your mobile App store for the “GotSoccer Player” app.
  • Enter your user name & password. Don’t have that info, click “Find my account” and enter your email address.
  • From your email, click the link to open the GotSoccer Player app on your phone.