Mission & Vision

IFC’s Mission

Provide a faith-based soccer club for Illinois/Indiana youth through which they will be offered a robust training regime that will positively impact their soccer performance on a competitive level while transforming their lives.

IFC’s Vision

To reach Northwest Indiana and Southeast Chicago/Illinois youth with the revolutionizing message of Biblical faith, love, and hope; coaching and training them to succeed on the pitch of futbol and to achieve their life GOALS focused on God, Others, Actions, Leading, and Serving.

IFC’s Seven ABCs…

Acquire:  Physical, Technical & Mental Soccer Skills
A community through contribution, chemistry, and Christian impact
Yourself; the Opposition; Your Environment
The best from yourself, team, & coaches
Excel: Daily give 100% (you play the way you practice)
Finish: Your touches, passes, dribbles, shots, stops, practices, games, and seasons
Gain: The win of finishing every game having done your best individually and for the team