Outdoor Tryouts

Tryouts for the Spring 2019 Outdoor season are scheduled by Birth Year (BY) as follows:

  • 17 DEC = 8U (BY 2011/2012) 4 to 5:30 front-field (F1)
  • 17 DEC = 11U/12U (BY2008/2007) 5 to 6pm back field (F2)
  • 17 DEC = 9U/10U (BY2009/2010) 6 to 7pm back-field (F2)
  • 17 DEC = 13U/14U (BY2005/2006) main tryout 7 to 8pm (F2)
  • 18 DEC = 9U to 11U “Make-Up” 6 to 7pm front-field (F1)
  • 19 Dec = 12U to 14U “Make-Up”and HS; 6:30 to 8pm (F1)

Please note:
  1. Only players new to IFC Outdoor are expected to be at tryouts. IFC Outdoor players from Fall 2018 do not need to tryout for Spring 2019.
  2. Please arrive 20 minutes early to complete registration form and receive player tryout number.
  3. The tryout for each group will focus on individual skills and technic as well as small sided games/scrimmages.
  4. If your player cannot attend the currently scheduled tryouts, please submit an information request form, subject “Request Tryout” with your player’s name and birth year (BY).

Tryouts will determine player selection and team slotting. A certain number of players may play up but a player can never play down from their BY. IFC offers three categories of player development within its selection/offer process:

  • Selected FT (full-time) Team Player (FTP): Player is selected and offered the opportunity to train and play with team for 100% of all events.  Pays full individual team price.
  • Selected PT (part-time) Player (PTP): Player is selected and offered the opportunity to train 100% and play 50% to 60% of all game events.
  • Selected Training Only Player (TOP): If a player does not make a team or a team is not available these players can still train with their age/ability group in preparation for the next season at a reduced cost ($90).  These players may at times be called up or guested to play with a team.

IFC will begin sending out selection emails soon after tryouts are completed.  Once email selection is sent, player has 48 hours to accept selection and register for play.

Outdoor fees by age groups are shown on the Fee Schedule. Fees do not include travel, lodging, food or other miscellaneous, non-field training or player costs or fees. The fall session will include 7-8 games, a competitive away tournament, and 1.5 hour training sessions twice a week.

Tentative dates for Spring Outdoor 2019:

  • Week of 4 Feb – Begin 6 week indoor session 3 for training (required for all spring outdoor players)
  • Weekend of 23 Mar – First games expected
  • Weekend of 2 Jun – Final games expected